Unite4Chinatown | 團結為唐人街

Unite4Chinatown is a campaign was launched by the Chinatown Concern Group in response to how gentrification is transforming Chinatown and threatening its future.  Join us in calling for the protection of Chinatown’s character, heritage, and cultural assets!

Signatures are continually being collected. You can sign the petition, here. There is also a paper form for those without internet access – the paper petition also calls for changes in policies for low-income housing:

View/Download Paper Petition

The petition calls for:

1) AN IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM ON MARKET DEVELOPMENT PROJECT IN CHINATOWN until there is comprehensive community consultation and clear policies to protect the future of Vancouver’s Chinatown.

2) CREATE INCLUSIONARY ZONING POLICY to require that at least 50% of all new housing built in Chinatown are developed as social housing

3) DEFINE SOCIAL HOUSING IN CHINATOWN to mean housing in which all units are rented at rates no higher than $375/month (for singles)

Notes: One does not need to agree with all three points to sign the paper petition (simply circle the points you agree with). If you have already signed the paper petition, you do not need to sign the online petition as well


Supporting Documents:

For Relevant Media Articles see here