Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP), with the generous support of the Law Foundation of BC, is holding a series of FREE know-your-rights workshops for Downtown Eastside community members from October 2019 to February 2020. These workshops will feature presentations by legal professionals with experience in various areas, as well as the opportunity for discussions on the DTES community’s experiences with criminalization and policing. We have posted supplementary materials from those workshops here for your reference. Happy learning!


The DTES is a heavily policed area with highly criminalized residents. The resources spent on policing in the DTES and Vancouver in general must be met with more access to legal support and education. These workshops are intended to:

  • Improve and offer no-barrier access to basic legal education
  • Promote social awareness of legal rights to people with particular legal needs
  • Support people who are vulnerable to criminalization or who have experienced criminalization by informing them of their rights
  • Inform Indigenous people of their specific human rights, in response to policing and criminalization that specifically target Indigenous people in the DTES
  • To promote and facilitate accessible engagement with the law, and to facilitate connections between individuals in the DTES and individuals who work in law institutions

Although these workshops are tailored towards the experiences of people living in the DTES, participation is open to any person who experiences criminalization and barriers to basic legal education, as well as people who simply want to be informed of their basic rights in a variety of contexts.

These workshops are not meant to offer formal legal advice. The legal professionals involved in these workshops will only be offering general and basic overviews of one’s legal rights and responsibilities.