Art work by Diane Wood
Art work by Diane Wood

CCAP Volunteer Meetings

 Join us on Fridays 11:15 am for our weekly volunteer meetings! Downtown Eastside residents who want to work on getting better housing and incomes and stop gentrification are welcome to attend. Lunch is provided! 

Class room 2, 3rd floor
Carnegie Community Centre
401 Main St

If you are not a low-income Downtown Eastside resident and or if you are a researcher, please contact before attending a meeting. 

Telling Stories

We need to tell our own stories.
If we don’t tell our stories,
people with power
will tell our stories for us,
And we won’t like what they say.
When we tell our stories,
we reach out to each other
and build community.
We share our pain.
We share our hope.
We share our laughter,
and our determination.
When we tell our stories
we draw our own maps,
and we question
the maps of the powerful.
Each of us has something to tell,
something to teach.
We speak the language of the heart-
here-in the Downtown Eastside-
the soul of Vancouver.

Justice and Beauty: Poems and Essays by Sandy Cameron