Thank you for taking a stand against poverty!

Contributions to the Carnegie Community Action Project allow us to work with English speaking and Chinese speaking DTES residents to speak out on their own behalf for the changes they would like to see in their neighbourhood. Your contributions ensure that the voices of people impacted by marginalization and poverty are heard. 

Tax-deductible donations are administered through the Carnegie Community Centre Association. Click the PayPal button below to make a donation.You can also donate by mailing a cheque, payable to the “Carnegie Community Centre Association” to “401 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 2T7.” Make sure you write a note or write in the memo area of your cheque that your donation is for the program, “Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP).”

*Carnegie Community Centre Association is accepting donations for emergency COVID19 response. All donations will go to Carnegie Community Action Project volunteer efforts to provide support to DTES residents. For more information on our Covid-19 emergency response fundraiser for Oppenheimer residents and DTES homeless individuals, please see this link.