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In 2013, we hired a Cantonese-speaking organizer, King-mong Chan and after a year of initial meetings and conversations, the Chinese-speaking residents-based Chinatown Concern Group formed in 2014. 

We see that Chinatown is changing very rapidly. Chinatown is looking less and less like Chinatown and the Chinese community in Chinatown is being marginalized. We are concerned about Chinatown’s future affordability and want to see more low-income housing and seniors housing in Chinatown.

The Chinatown Concern Group consists mainly of Chinese residents of Chinatown and Downtown Eastside, and works with others in Chinatown to get more housing that low-income Chinese seniors can afford and to preserve Chinatown businesses that cater to the low income Chinese community.

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  • 我們看到華埠現在變化很快。華埠越來越不像華埠,而在華埠的華人社群將被邊緣化。所以我們組織一起,透過開會、討論及行動來保護唐人街
  • 我們關心華埠的未來可負擔性及想見  更多低收入房屋及長者屋在唐人街



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