CCAP Staff

Lenée Son | CCAP Coordinator

Lenée is CCAP’s newest staff member, joining the team in early 2017. She is dedicated to intersectional principles and is passionate about amplifying marginalized voices and bringing truth to power. 

Phone: 604.828.7183

King-mong Chan | Chinese Community Organizer

King-mong Chan was a practicum student with CCAP from January until early April, 2013 before working as the Chinese Community Organizer.  In 2011/12, he had the opportunity to do his practicum at First United Church and was drawn by the spirit and inspiration of the DTES community. King-mong recently completed his bachelor degree in social work.

Phone: 778.996.8223

Lama Mugabo | Carnegie African Descent Group Organizer

Lama Mugabo is a community organizer interested in finding solutions to the challenges of housing, social justice and income inequity in the DTES. He is the co-founder CADG – the Carnegie African Descent Group, a platform where members meet, cook, share meals and get to know each other.

Phone: 604.715.9565

Maria Wallstam | CCAP Community Organizer

When Maria is not working with CCAP, she is an organizer with Alliance against Displacement.

Phone: 604.500.2731