erica grant

Erica Grant | CCAP Mental Health Peer Researcher 

Erica is a powerful woman who walks the walk and deals with issues first hand. She is an avid activist with a strong spirit. It is an honour to have her on board the CCAP project. She is a part of the change. Erica works as a Mental Health Peer Researcher for CCAP’s Mental Health Project. Through research, outreach, and community organizing, the Mental Health Project will further the meaningful engagement of DTES residents in developing a model for successful mental health housing and community planning processes.

Photo of Erica and her partner Grant by Heart of the City Festival. 

Phone: 604.665.2105


Herb Varley | CCAP Gentification Tour Guide

Herb is a powerful and engaging warrior for Indigenous rights and activism in general.  He is a guide for CCAP’s Gentrification Tours and an active person in his local community.  He has experienced much hardship for speaking out and participating in activism and he continues to push through! He is dynamic and a strong communicator.  Book your Gentrification Tour today!

Phone: 604.665.2105

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Fiona York | CCAP Coordinator & Administrator

Fiona has a background in democratic media, gender equality, housing justice, and social activism. She has worked and volunteered in community organizations for over twenty years. For the past six years she has been honoured to work in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). Fiona is CCAP’s newest team member and looks forward to contributing to community voices in the DTES.

Phone: 604.251.6164

ET Bio with PIc

Elli Taylor | CCAP Communications Assistant

Elli has a passion for social justice and has helped to organize people
and projects. Having helped to create and establish five non-profit
projects, she enjoys working with the people who need it the most,
the people living in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). She has a BA
and has faced homelessness and barriers throughout her life.

Phone: 604-665-2105


King-mong Chan | Chinese Community Organizer

King-mong Chan was a practicum student with CCAP from January until early April, 2013 before working as the Chinese Community Organizer. In 2011/12, he had the opportunity to do his practicum at First United Church and was drawn by the spirit and inspiration of the DTES community. King-mong recently completed his bachelor degree in social work.

Phone: 778.996.8223