With B.C. having declared a state of emergency, the few essential services still operating in the Downtown Eastside are running at very limited capacity. Those unhoused or with precarious shelter arrangements often rely on crowded drop-in centres, food line-ups, and shelters with shared washrooms and showers to meet their basic needs. We’ve compiled a list of items below that meet some of these needs for those who are unsheltered:

  • Small bottles with sanitizer

  • Small bottles with soap

  • Small bottles with moisturizer

  • Masks

  • Wipes

  • Small soaps

  • Non-latex gloves

  • Ziplock bags

  • Tents

  • Gazebo style tents

  • Ensure and other meal replacement



Carnegie Community Centre Association is accepting donations for emergency COVID19 response. All donations will go to Carnegie Community Centre Association volunteer efforts to provide support to DTES residents. 

Many thanks for your support in advance!