Public Film Screening and Panel Q&A: TOGETHER

Join the Carnegie Community Action Project at the Together: public film screening and panel featuring our very own Carnegie African Descent Group organizer, Lama Mugabo and Chinatown Concern Group organizer, King-mong Chan on the panel.

*Due to demand, we’ve settled on the largest theater, 1900 Fletcher Challenge Theatre, at SFU HC as the venue. With the support of the David Lam Center, we are able to offer beverages and snacks for the break time – so now we have a “tea break”!

*This event is organized and sponsored by the “Intragroup Dynamics and Social Exclusion” research project (contact: funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant, with partial support from the David Lam Center at SFU.

The event is free, but please register to reserve a seat and to receive confirmation of room number on a first-come-first-serve basis. The event is in English, with a limited number of headsets for Cantonese and Mandarin translation provided on a first-come-first-serve basis.


DOOR OPEN at 12:30: pre-registered admission; 12:45: stand-by admission; DOOR CLOSES at 1:00 pm.

預先註冊者12:30 入场;現場候票者 12:45 入场;13:00 後停止入場,請見諒。

With the world evermore polarized and stratified in and through globalization and migration, Vancouver has been going through some acute growing pains. Many development projects have been submitted to City Hall, and some are highly consequential for people who live here and for us as a city and a society. This public screening event invites our multi-racial and multi-layered communities to gather under one roof, and to enjoy three short documentary films: All Our Father’s Relations, Secret Vancouver: Return to Hogan’s Ally, and Paint it Red. Together, they tell the story of shared struggles among Indigenous peoples, and migrants of Chinese and African descents in the past, and today, in the city of Vancouver. The screening will be followed by a ten-person panel discussion and open-floor Q & A with film producers/directors, and community members, organizers and activists in and for the Downtown Eastside, Black Strathcona and the Historical Chinatown. Together, we explore our past and our present, and visualize our future.

随着全球化和移民给世界带來的与日俱增的两极化和分层化,温哥华一直在经历发展中的剧痛。不少发展项目被提交到了市政府,其中的一些會给住在这里的居民和我们的城市以及社会產生深遠的影响。这次电影公映活动诚邀多种族和各阶层的人士,聚在一起观看三部纪实短片:“祖根父脉”;“你所不知道的温哥华:回到侯根巷”;和“涂红漆“。合在一起,这些短片讲述了原住民, 和华裔和非裔移民 在過去和現在在溫哥華的共同的斗争。短片以后,我们邀请了包括电影制作人/导演,和在市中心東區,Black Strathcona和唐人街的居民,社區組織者以及社会活动家共十位客人进行讨论交流,并且开放问答环节。我們一起,探究過去和現在,規劃未來。

Territorial Acknowledgement 領土致謝

Film #1: All Our Father’s Relations (Alejandro Yoshizawa & Sarah Ling, 2016): In English, with Chinese subtitles.

影片#1:祖根父脉。 英文影片,中文字幕。


Film #2: Secret Vancouver: Return to Hogan’s Ally (Melinda Friedman, 2016): In English, with English subtitle, Cantonese & Mandarin simultaneous translation provided through headsets

影片#2: 你不知道的温哥华:回到侯根巷。英文影片,提供國語粵語耳机同声翻译

Film #3: Paint it Red (Eva Cohen, 2017) In English, with Chinese subtitle.

影片3: 涂红漆. 英文影片,中文字幕。


Panel Discussion & Open-Floor Q&A: In English, Cantonese & Mandarin simultaneous translation provided through headsets.

讨论& 开放问答

Co-Facilitated by Dr. Huamei Han & Dr. Dolores van der Wey (Haida Nation), Simon Fraser University

共同主持:韩华梅博士和Dolores van der Wey (Haida Nation) 博士,西蒙菲莎大学