Call to Action: Sign Up to Speak at 58 W Hastings Public Hearing

Have you signed up to speak for the #58WHastings public hearing on Jan.16? We need as many people to speak or email their comments in support of 100% welfare/pension rate social housing! Sign up/email comments at or call 604-829-4238.

Not sure what to say? Here’s a guide below:

1) Keep your comments short – Individuals speaking at the public hearing have 5 minutes to speak while organizations have 8 minutes.

2) Start with introducing yourself and your relationship to the DTES

3) Next, appeal to city council to build 100% community controlled social housing at welfare and pension rates at #58WHastings

4) Reasons why we need housing at #58WHastings:

  • The City of Vancouver’s definition of social housing excludes homeless and low-income people. Rent in CoV’s definition of social housing can be high as $912 when a single person on welfare only gets $375 a month for rent
  • 1200 homeless people and 3000 SRO residents live in the DTES without decent, affordable housing
  • Homeless people have half the life expectancy of other people in society
  • Social mix does not work and contributes to gentrification and mass dislocation of poor people as seen with the Woodwards development
  • The proposed project the city is going with could provide as few as 70 units instead of 300 at a time with record high homelessness.
  • Over 500 units of low-income housing were lost to low-income people last year (Balmoral Hotel, Quality Inn, Roddan Lodge, Jubilee Rooms);
  • The DTES desperately needs a development to counteract the gentrification brought on by Woodwards.  A 100% low-income development close to Woodwards will help

Sign our petition at

Attend our action January 16, 5:30 PM at Vancouver City Hall