Former UN Rapporteur on Housing to visit Ten Year Tent City and comment on Vancouver homeless crisis

Miloon Kothari, former United Nations Rapporteur on Housing, who visited Vancouver in 2007 to report on the housing situation then, will be in Vancouver this week. As part of his trip, he will meet with Downtown Eastside residents, tour the Downtown Eastside including the Balmoral Hotel where 150 residents risk being thrown out because the city hasn’t made the owner obey maintenance laws, and visit the Ten Year Tent City. In 2007 Mr. Kothari visited a tent city on the same site. Since then the number of counted homeless people in Vancouver has gone up by about 800.

What: News conference with Miloon Kothari, Carnegie Community Action Project, and 10 Year Tent City residents

When: Monday, June 5, 1 pm

Where: 1005 Station St, Ten Year Tent City

Background on Vancouver homeless crisis

  • Number of homeless people in Vancouver: 2138
  • Number of homeless people in Downtown Eastside: 1200
  • Increase from last year: 19%
  • Number of shelter beds available in Vancouver: about 950
  • Number of units of housing needed for people who have to move from low income buildings that are closing (Roddan Lodge and Jubilee Rooms): 235
  • Monthly welfare rate: $610
  • Monthly welfare rate when Miloon Kothari visited Vancouver in 2007: $610
  • Amount of money a person on welfare would have left after spending the average rent of $548 a month on a DTES SRO room: $2 a day
  • Number of people about to be thrown out of the Balmoral Hotel into homelessness: 150