Have some beans and raise a stink about welfare rates!

What: Picket Christy Clark’s $1000 a plate dinner
When: 5pm, Tuesday, February 7th at 1015 Burrard St.

The Liberals don’t care about people on welfare. The BC government provides $610 a month in welfare to a single person, without a recognized disability, who is expected to look for work. It has been at this level since April 2007, when they raised the shelter component of welfare by $50 for singles. This means that once rent and other essentials are paid for, a person on welfare has $76 left to spend on food for a whole month and only $18 (at most) to spend on food each week.

Come protest the abysmally low welfare rates in BC at a Christy Clark VIP fundraising event at the Burrard St. Steakhouse on February 7th. You can go as a VIP if you have $1000 or you can be a mere non VIP and just pay $300. CCAP and Raise the Rates will picket the event and serve beans outside, the only food people on welfare can afford.

Travel and Sign making: You can meet us at 3.30pm at the CCAP office (on second floor of Carnegie) for sign making. We will bus together to 1015 Burrard St. at 4.15pm sharp.

Organized by CCAP and Raise the Rates