Brave tenant wins another $1200 from slumlord

“I hereby order…Parkash Sahota and Triville enterprises o/a the Regent Hotel to pay the Applicant, Jerald Gates, the sum of $1200.00.” That’s the order from L. Bell, an arbitrator at the Residential Tenancy Branch.

The decision happened because of a lot of work by the SRO Collaborative and Jack Gates who lives at the Regent Hotel. Jack was trying to get the hotel to protect his right to “quiet enjoyment” of his room at the Regent. But another tenant was playing drums and music loudly, disturbing Jack and the other tenants at all hours of the day and night.

It turns out that the noisy tenant also worked for the landlord and was threatening to Jack. Jack did everything by the book, getting a witness, calling police, etc. As a result he had all the paperwork to win the case at the Residential Tenancy Branch. “I favored the Tenant’s submissions as they were forthright, credible, consistent, and supported by witness testimony and a witness’s written submission,” the arbitrator wrote in her decision.

The arbitrator also said that Jack can apply for more money to compensate for “loss of quiet enjoyment.” Now the only problem will be collecting the money. Jack was also awarded $1600 in a previous decision and had to go to small claims court to try to get it because the owner of the Regent Hotel wouldn’t pay it. This means he will probably be headed to small claims court again for the $1200.

“We have to make sure that all tenants know what is happening and that the door is open for them to take action like I did”, said Jack. “Jesus Christ walked on water and they say I’m walking on thin ice in there. But I feel very safe. I may as well be walking on rocks.”