Online video of the “Moments of Community and Labour History” Walking Tour

Thanks to Aha media, you can relive the “Moments of Community and Labour History” walking tour, which was led by CCAP Volunteer Jean Swanson and Vancouver and District Labour Council President Joey Hartman during the “Heart of the City Festival” in October, 2013.

Moments of Community and Labour History is a walking tour of twelve memorial plaques that commemorate perseverance, resistance and the struggle for inclusion in the Downtown Eastside. People who participated in these community moments were also on the walk. Speakers told stories about camping for CRAB Park, redressing the Head Tax, the death of Olaf Solheim, striking longshore workers being attacked at Ballantyne Pier, the soapbox victory for Free Speech and more! This was the first tour of the commemorative plaques since the project was completed and installed this past summer with funding from the City of Vancouver.

See the videos here: