Retraction: DNC website correction

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Without Prejudice

Please consider this letter an official demand on the part of the Carnegie Community Centre Association (CCCA) to correct erroneous statements on your website.

The CCCA Board strongly supports the voices of low income community members and, through the work of its Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP), has brought hundreds of community members together for workshops and town hall meetings focused on improving housing and income. Both are issues that are pivotal to the survival of the low-income community in the DTES. The CCCA receives a written and oral activity report from CCAP every month.

The DNC has an inaccurate paragraph about a gathering outside their cancelled general meeting on Sept 21.  The paragraph and its headline claim that CCAP is protesting the gathering, that Wendy Pedersen, Ivan Drury and Jean Swanson are “paid activists.” CCAP did not organize the gathering.  The named three people are not employed or paid by CCAP.  Some people at the gathering attend CCAP meetings and volunteer at CCAP, just as some are members of VANDU, Gallery Gachet, Vancity and other organizations.  CCAP volunteers and members are free to participate in whatever local activities they believe are necessary.

The CCCA is troubled by the DNC’s choice to publish misleading statements on its website, and recognizes this choice as an attempt to silence DTES community members through character assassination. We do not believe the opinions on the website are those of the general membership of the DNC. We respectfully ask that you correct them immediately.

In Community,

Gena Thompson

President, CCCA