Response to the Gastown Gazette

On July 11 2013, a small neighbourhood newspaper called the “Gastown Gazette” published an article that made several false and inaccurate statements about CCAP.  The article stated that CCAP volunteer Jean Swanson organized protests at the Pigin and Cuchillo Restaurants and that the Carnegie Association pays these protesters. Both these allegations are completely erroneous.
Response Gastown Gazette Jul 17 13
Both Jean Swanson and the Vancouver Urban Core Community Workers’’ Association (VUCCWA), a network of approximately 40 frontline agencies and workers that provide services in the DTES, wrote a letter to the Gastown Gazette demanding a retraction.

On August 23 2013, the “Gastown Gazette” published an article entitled “Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council Takes A Dramatic Stand.” The article made several additional erroneous statements concerning CCAP, the Carnegie Community Association Board and the Local Area Planning Process committee.  Most notably, the article named two people that it alleged were are “the leadership of CCAP.” CCAP is a volunteer-driven organization with no leadership, and with two part-time staff members, neither of which are on your list. CCAP wrote to the Gazette to demand a retraction, but did not receive a response.

We are aware that a number of other individuals have also written to the Gazette to demand a retraction. If you have done so, please send us a copy for our files.