Coming soon: The final LAP?

tired-runner-cartoonSummer is wrapping up quickly, and so (in theory) is the Local Area Planning Process (LAPP) for the DTES. The city closed the public comment period for “Emerging Directions”, its first take on a development plan for the DTES, last week. It released its work plan to the committee, and here’s the summary:

September: The city prepares the Draft Local Area Plan (LAP) for review. It will write up its “draft directions” on key issues (including housing) and draft policies. If you’ve been following the news on the LAP, you might have heard that planners from the 4 Vancouver neighbourhoods preparing LAPs (DTES, Grandview-Woodlands, Marpole, West End) have been asked to present updates on their processes to council on September 24th. Most of the neighbourhoods are asking for a 3-6 month extension of the LAP.

October – November: Assuming there’s no extension, the public will have a chance to review the draft LAP for the DTES in October and November. The LAP is set to go to council on November 20th. Keep your eye on CCAP’s website and bulletin board during this time for announcements.

December – May: The city is planning for a winter/spring of Post LAPP implementation and detailed planning.

The next LAPP Committee meeting dates haven’t been released yet, but keep checking back for updates. Observers are allowed at LAPP meetings. Scroll down this page for more on the low-income community’s response to “Emerging Directions.”