ACTION: Join the DTES petition campaign to block condos and stop displacement

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** Starting now and running until Monday June 10th throughout the Downtown Eastside **

** Concluding with a rally on Tuesday June 11, 1pm at the corner of Main and Hastings **

For the next two weeks, the DTES LAPP Anti-Gentrification caucus will take their DTES Community Plan for a SOCIAL JUTICE ZONE out into the Downtown Eastside to spread the word, gather support, and mobilize. Our goal is to push back against city hall and the forces of economic and social displacement. Petition teams will go door-to-door in key SRO hotels, social housing buildings, shelters, and in houses and condos throughout the DTES, as well as setting up tables at key community events and food lines. Together, our voices will yell loudly for the low-income community to be heard, respected, and protected against gentrification and displacement.

See the post directly below for our statement and five demands to stop developer profit from community displacement.

These two-weeks are a critical time in the life of the DTES low-income community because we expect City Hall to  release their bottomlines for the development future of yet-unplanned parts of the Downtown Eastside, including the DTES Oppenheimer District, Hastings Corridor and Thornton Park as soon as June 4, 2013. These fundamental points are part of the City’s official DTES Local Area Planning Process (LAPP), which is supposed to have come out of extensive community consultations with the DTES low-income community. But after two-years of these consultations, the community is waiting for word from the highest levels of the city bureaucracy. All the indications we have received from city planners are that the city will put forward a plan that prioritizes business interests first, and tries to find space for some of the existing low-income community as a second priority. Our DTES Community Plan, also drawn from the same 2-years of consultations which our community itself led, demands that the people of the DTES come before profit.

Help gather support for the DTES LAPP Anti-Gentrification Caucus’s Community Plan for a Social Justice Zone by signing up to join a petition team. To volunteer to petition and spread the word in the community contact Ivan at 604-781-7346 or or sign-up directly on the tight two-week schedule here:

Also, take the statement to your community, faith, labour, or activist group for support and send the endorsement to

For more information on the DTES Community Plan for a Social Justice Zone and for background on the city’s planning process, scroll down. To see the Social Justice Plan, check out the post below.