United We STAND for Housing


On March 2, about 100 people braved a downpour to STAND for social housing at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  A STAND is where several people wear red scarves and hold a banner and hand out leaflets at a busy intersection in their community.  After STANDing at the art gallery the group marched with their red and blue “Social Housing Now” banners to the public library.  They were people from around the Lower Mainland who do weekly STANDs for housing in their communities.  If you would like to help fight for social housing and rent controls, call Jean at 605 729 2380.  In the Downtown Eastside there is a weekly STAND at Abbot and Hastings from noon to 1 pm.

Get your group to endorse the following six demands of the Social Housing Coalition BC and get on board the campaign to make socialOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA housing an issue in the BC election. Email info@socialhousingbc.com with the name of your groups that support these 6 points:

We demand immediate provincial government housing action to solve the housing crisis in BC:

  1. Build 10,000 units of good quality social housing per year.
  2. Prioritize social housing units for Indigenous Peoples, migrants, women, seniors, youth, people with mental health and physical disabilities including HIV/AIDs, and vulnerable low-income people who OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAare disproportionately at risk of homelessness and hidden homelessness.
  3. Save existing low rent housing by enforcing maintenance standards; maintain non-market projects whose operating agreements are expiring; freeze rents & don’t allow increased rents when tenants move; and close loopholes in the Residential Tenancy Act to stop renovictions.
  4. Protect tenants. Recognize tenant unions and their power to negotiate with landlords; Make all supportive & student housing fully covered by the Residential Tenancy Act.
  5. Include everyone who needs housing. End eligibility discrimination and make all BC residents eligible for BC Housing. Extend housing rights to temporary migrant workers by granting them permanent legal status.
  6. Fund social housing through taxation as a social responsibility of the government, and support residents of communities to develop and manage their social housing themselves.