CCAP news and opinions bulletin, March 2013

Hello friends of CCAP,

This bulletin features responses to the Pidgin Picket pretty heavily. This picket action is not organized by CCAP but it has raised issues of gentrification in the media and in public discussion around the city and we have tried to take advantage of that publicity to popularize our 2012 SRO hotel report findings and to advocate for government action to stop displacement and build social housing.

If you would like to be part of this discussion we encourage you to come to the public forum about the Pidgin Picket Sunday March 10, 5:30pm at Carnegie Centre.




Ivan interviewed on CBC On the Coast, February 18

Ivan interviewed on the Phillip Till show, CKNW, February 21, 6am slot (select and scroll to 6:38am)

Jean interviewed on CBC Early Edition, February 25 (scroll to 2:11:15)

Ivan interviewed on CBC “The 180,” Friday March 1

Ivan interviewed on Co-op radio “The Rational,” March 4 (first interview)


Jean Swanson, “Don’t displace the soul of Vancouver.”

Ivan Drury, “The lesson from Woodward’s is that condos in Chinatown are a low-income extinguishment project”

Metro News, “Vancouver’s changing Chinatown”

Globe and Mail, “Buildings to soar over Chinatown after Vancouver eases heights”

Georgia Straight, “Vancouver city council set to consider 16-storey development in Chinatown”

CBC / Huffington Post, “Vancouver homeless advocate raps Chinatown development”

Vancouver Sun, “17-storey mixed-use tower approved in heart of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown”


Georgia Straight, “BC NDP’s poverty platform still unclear.”

Vancouver Sun, “Activists rally at Vancouver aquarium for higher welfare rates.”

Downtown East, special issue March 2013

This special (half-size) issue of the Downtown East was published quick to answer some of the major media attacks on the Pidgin Picket and on the low-income community in the Downtown Eastside. The editorial collective of the Downtown East stands with the Pidgin picket for dignity, justice, and housing for low-income communities and for an end to the gentrification forces that threaten these communities.

Why Picket the Pidgin restaurant, Wendy Pedersen & Homeless Dave (HD)
The reasons and goals for the Pidgin Picket from the point of view of two of its organizers.

We need homes, Jean Swanson
Low-income people in the Downtown Eastside is in the midst of the worst housing crisis they have ever experienced. The picket is broadcasting housing needs to the public.

Responding to media attacks, Kim Hearty
Since the picket started the major media has been bashing the picketers and criticizing the community? Why? Who are they representing?

Ada Dennis, evicted & replaced with condos and Pidgin restaurant, Ada Dennis
A speech from an Indigenous low-income resident evicted from the building that is now 21 Doors condos and Pidgin restaurant.

How do we know gentrification is pushing up hotel rents? Jean Swanson & CCAP
Excerpts from Carnegie Community Action Project’s 2012 study on rents in SRO hotels, including an argument that Woodward’s condos drove low-income housing and people out of the Western DTES.

Pigeon: a recent peoples’ history of a peoples’ park, Ivan Drury
The Pidgin Picket is only the latest in a history of community defence and struggles for justice at Pigeon Park.

Unpublished letter to the editor of The Province about Pidgin Picket, Sid Tan
Responding to media poor bashing low-income DTES residents through attacking the picket.

Questions and Answers about Pidgin Picket, Jean Swanson
Confusion abounds about the Pidgin Picket. This article takes on the myths in the media and replies with facts.

Displaced and then replaced, Terese Lulf
The business and media attacks on drug users and other “undesireables” in the DTES are violent displacement efforts against our most beloved community members.