Map of Downtown Eastside gentrification by low-income housing losses

Maps of hotel losses & gentrification

The maps of gentrified SRO hotels included in this report show that the great majority of SRO hotels are unaffordable and insecure for low-income people. However, most of these hotels are still homes to thousands of low-income people. Many of the buildings coded red (where the lowest rent is over $425) are still functionally low-income housing. But those coded red and crossed out are no longer functionally low-income peoples’ housing. Concentrated in condo-ified and gentrified areas of the DTES, these hotels are now housing students and workers with some housing choices and excluding low-income people on welfare and pension.

It is also important to notice the leased buildings coded purple. Some of these buildings (Wonder, Palace, Colonial) were leased and managed by non-profits when this survey was conducted and are now back in private hands. These are not secure low-income housing.

2012 DTES hotel gentrification_MAP_WEB_FULL

Download the printable pdf of the map (11X17) here