CCAP Gentrification Borderlands walking tour Saturday Oct 27 – Heart of the City Festival

Downtown Eastside Heart of the City Festival

with Carnegie Community Action Project

Saturday October 27
11:30am (approx. 2 hours)
Meet at steps of Carnegie Community Centre

Join CCAP on a walking tour of “gentrification borderlands” to highlight new pressures upon the DTES Oppenheimer District (DEOD) that threaten displacement of low-income housing in the area.

High end condos and shops are part of a gentrification drive that is causing increased rent and food costs and changing the culture of the neighbourhood in a way that can feel overwhelming for low-income local residents walking through the Victory Square and Gastown areas.

But residents are strong and want to protect their homes and neighbourhood in the DTES Oppenheimer District where it is still possible to slow gentrification, preserve good things about our community, and work for more social housing.

Learn for yourself how gentrification contributes to homelessness in the Downtown Eastside; chalk the existing zoning borderlands of gentrification and see what could be lost and what is still possible.

$10 for non-residents, free for local residents