CCAP October announcement bulletin


Hello friends and supporters of CCAP  – This month we have a lengthy CCAP bulletin but please take a look at all the announcements especially because they are all very important to us. It’s been a hectic autumn so far and it looks like the hard work of fighting for the low-income community is going to continue. We’re counting on your involvement and support so keep your ears and eyes open and your feet ready to march!   ~ Jean and Ivan

1) Appeals for donations (Money and a computer)
2) Condos coming in the Eastern DTES – Townhall & trip to council
3) Welfare food challenge
4) Update on the Save Social Housing Coalition
5) Heart of the City walking tour: Gentrification borderlands!
6) Jean’s award 


Dear CCAP friends,

If you are a low income person, please ignore the rest of this paragraph.  We’re writing to the rest of you because CCAP needs about $15,000 to supplement our Vancity and Vancouver Foundation grants to make it to the end of the year.  If you have a little bit of extra money, CCAP could use a donation.  These are the things we are working on right now:

·        Helping low income people to participate in the City’s local area planning process, hoping this will produce some city committment to more social housing, slowing gentrification, and encouraging businesses and services that serve, rather than exclude, the low income community.

·        Providing the low income part of Raise the Rates’ campaigns to get higher welfare rates.  These include the Welfare Food Challenge to start on October 16, and supporting a Parents and Grandparents in Poverty group to do actions around higher welfare rates leading up to the election in the spring and beyond.

·        Organizing a broadly based social housing coalition to do actions leading up to the spring election and beyond, the demands being more new social housing, rent control based on the unit, not the person, and an end to homelessness.

If you can help support us, please send a cheque to CCAP, c/o Carnegie Centre, 401 Main St. Vancouver, BC  V6A 4Y7.  Take care and thanks so much.  Jean and Ivan


CCAP is also looking for a laptop computer for a low-income resident we are supporting to take on more of a leadership role in meetings, organizing, and planning work. This resident leader has really stepped up over the last year and is now taking on a heavy load of responsibility in the struggles for the survival of our low-income communities against the forces of gentrification from development and city hall.

We are appealing to you for a donation of a working laptop computer with any sort of operating system, a working battery, and wireless internet capability. Please get ahold of us if you have a computer like this to donate: Ivan 604-781-7346 or Jean 604-729-2380


Go to City Council to fight more gentrification of the Downtown Eastside

City Council will be considering a rezoning of 955 E. Hastings, right across the street from Raycam.  The meeting will be at City Hall on October 16 at 7:30 pm.  This development will be to the east end of the Downtown Eastside what Woodward’s has been to the West end:  more condos, higher property values, more upscale stores, higher rents in nearby hotels, low income people could be pushed out of nearby hotels and the street level retail area could become another zone of exclusion for low income people.  One difference between Woodward’s and this development is that Woodward’s had about 150 units of welfare rate social housing. This development has only 24 units at welfare rate and no community amenities besides the housing.  It will also have 282 condos, some retail (probably high end) and industrial space.

To register to speak at the public hearing call 604 829 4238.

For more info come to the public meeting sponsored by ALIVE and the DTES Not for Developers Coalition.  This meeting will be on Oct 10 at 6:30 at the Russian Hall (see details below)

**community town hall forum**
A townhall about the condo towers proposed across the street from Raycam

(600 Campbell – 3 blocks south of Hastings)

Stella August, DTES Power of Women group
Scott Clark, Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement (ALIVE)
Hendrik Hoekema, Inner City Economic Strategy
Jean Swanson, Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP)
Karen Ward, Gallery Gachet and Woodward’s Social Housing resident

A major condo development is being planned for the 900 block of East Hastings right across the street from Raycam community centre. City planners are calling it the model that future developments will be based on. But what does it offer the majority low-income people who live in the neighbourhood around it; at the Astoria, Woodbine, St Elmo and Vernon hotels and at the major Stamps Place BC Housing complex behind Raycam?
Will low-income families and individuals get housed there? Will we get shops and services we can afford and that welcome us? Will this project threaten to push low-income people out through higher land values and rents?

This event is urgent because the rezoning proposal for the development is scheduled to be a heard at city hall as early as Tuesday October 16. Submit a comment on the project by writing to regarding rezoning proposal at 955 E Hastings. To sign up to speak at this public hearing call 604-829-4238 or email

Come to this community dialogue co-organized by ALIVE and the DTES Not for Developers Coalition. These two groups will present different community views about this condo project with panel speakers, background summaries, and question-and-answer discussion.

Highlights to be broadcast by W2TV on Shaw cable 4 and Media Mornings on Coop Radio.

Organized by:  ALIVE: Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement |
and DTES Not for Developers Coalition |



 Welfare Food Challenge

Raise the Rates is organizing a Welfare Food Challenge, calling on people who aren’t on welfare to live on $26 for food for a week.  They aren’t allowed to eat anything in their cupboards, anything they grow or anything that anyone gives them, including charities.  If you want to participate in the challenge sign up at

You can also write about your experiences, menus, expenses and feelings as you try to survive on the same amount that tens of thousands of people on welfare have to survive on every week.

The Challenge begins on Oct. 16, World Food Day.  The purpose of the Challenge is to put pressure on the government to increase welfare rates to a liveable level.


 Join the Save Social Housing Coalition!

The first meeting of the Save Social Housing coalition was held at the beginning of September and was very successful. More than two dozen people and groups attended and decided to form a coalition to fight to put social housing on the agenda for the 2013 BC provincial election.

The coalition formed three sub-committees to get to work. At our second coalition meeting at the beginning of October we started work on a series of actions and events to get this campaign going. These include restarting the Stands for Housing, launching a forum series and tour throughout the Lower Mainland, and doing a mass information campaign.

The meetings of the coalition are set for the first Wednesday of each month. The next meeting will be Wednesday November 7, 7pm in the Carnegie Theatre.

To get involved and to find out when the sub-committee meetings are being held contact Jean at 604-729-2380. See the original call-out here:




Gentrification walking tour with CCAP
Saturday October 27
11:30am (approx. 2 hours)
Meet at steps of Carnegie Community Centre, 401 Main

“Gentrification borders” threaten displacement of social housing in the Oppenheimer area.

A tour of “gentrification borderlands” to highlight new pressures upon the DTES Oppenheimer District (DEOD). Gentrification and rising food costs can feel overwhelming for low-income local residents walking through the Victory Square and Gastown areas. But residents are strong and want to protect their homes and neighbourhood in the DEOD: it is still possible to slow gentrification, preserve good things about our community, and work for more social housing. Learn for yourself how gentrification contributes to homelessness in the Downtown Eastside. Join the Carnegie Community Action Project to chalk the existing zoning borders and see what could be lost and what is still possible.

$10 for non-residents, free for local residents

Jean gets the “Peoples Order of BC” award! Read the article from the Tyee

Jean Swanson’s advocacy for Vancouver’s impoverished

By Ben Christopher, Tyee magazine

Jean Swanson doesn’t sound like a rabble-rouser. Her voice on the phone is quiet, cautious, self-deprecating. A mainstay among anti-poverty activists in Vancouver who has spent 38 years sparring with property developers, SRO-managers and politicians, Swanson tells me that she’s reluctant to be interviewed.