Tornedo of gentrification hits vulnerable low-income community, despite planning process

Tornado of gentrification development hits vulnerable Downtown Eastside community.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of new condos coming during the Local Area Planning Process despite Interim Rezoning

• 219 E Georgia St. 9 storey narrow condo tower, approved by the director of planning in 2011

• 189 Keefer St. 10 storey condo tower with no social housing. Already approved by the Development Permit Board

• 611 Main St. 17 storey condo tower with some “senior’s housing” in the proposal. Will go to hearing at city council in October 2012.

Look at this photo. Are you on West 4th Avenue? How about Broadway and Oak Street? No! You are in Chinatown. This is one of 3 condo projects coming soon to Main and Keefer area of Chinatown. This tower in the photo will be at 189 Keefer (and Main). No social housing.

• 633 Main St. 15 storey condo tower will go to hearing in the fall. Will go to hearing at city council in October 2012.

• 138 E Hastings St. Sequel 138 – 9 storey condo tower with 10% Affordable rental and 10% welfare rate social housing approved by the director of planning in 2012

• PLUS: 955 E Hastings (across from Raycam) likely with 20% affordaBULL? housing in the proposal. Hearing likely in the fall.

• PLUS: 1000 new condos and affordaBULL? units possibly on the 2 city owned blocks under the viaduct??? First hearing to approve demolition of viaducts likely in September 2012.

These condo projects could go ahead and bring more rent increases and gentrifying displacement, despite the Interim Zoning Policy passed by council on March 21, 2012.

Some background info about the Interim Rezoning Policy:

City’s proposed gentrification controls not strong enough

Click to access cfsc3DowntownEastsideLocalAreaRezoningPolicyandInterimDevelopmentManagementGuidelines.pdf

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