How can we plan while the condos are coming?

Can residents make a plan for the DTES without a hold on condos? CCAP says no.

Read on to learn more about this important negotiation happening right now and watch for posters about upcoming city council meeting! We need your help!

As you probably know, a DTES local area planning committee is working “in partnership” with city planners to create a plan for the area. This committee has 30 seats and meetings started in February 2011.

The first task of LAPP committee members is to edit a draft workplan that will go to council, possibly at the end of March. That workplan will include an interim rezoning policy and the LAPP committee is drafting this with the city staff right now. Will the policy be strong enough to hold back the avalanche of new upscale restaurants, slow speculation, rent increases and displacement during the planning period? We won’t know for a few weeks. Please watch for posters and flyers as we all may need to go to city council about this soon. If we don’t show up in force for this last big stand for low-income people, the DTES could be unrecognizable soon with working class residents, services and all the good things about our community wiped out by rapid development.

CCAP will be pushing city hall to create a policy that does these 6 things:

1) Stop all rezonings. This includes the new condo towers proposed at 955 E Hastings (near Raycam) and 611 Main Street (in Chinatown). Even if these projects have 20% social housing or affordaBULL housing in them, they still cause displacement.

2) Do everything possible to stop new condo projects during the LAPP. This includes condos at Pantages/Sequel 138 (near Carnegie). Even if these projects have 20% social housing in them, they still cause displacement.

3) Stop selling city property in the DTES. These properties can be used for social housing instead.

4) Stop giving businesses incentives like tax holidays, façade grants and liquor licences because this encourages high scale businesses that exclude low-income residents to move in and makes it easier to sell condos.

5) Calculate the rate of change based on what people on welfare rate singles housing. This means that all new low-income housing to replace the hotels should be at rates that traditional DTES residents can afford, i.e. do not count the $738/month new housing at Remand Centre as new social housing to replace the hotels.

6) Preserve industrial land for working class jobs. ~ WP

For more information call us at CCAP: 604-839-0379