SRO hotel report to be released by Carnegie Community Action Project Wednesday

Media advisory
For Immediate Release
December 13, 2011

 Upscale, the Downside of Gentrification to be released on Wednesday

 The Carnegie Community Action Project will release its fourth annual hotel report at a news conference on Wednesday, December 14 at 11 am at the York Hotel, 259 Powell St.

Called, Upscale, the Downside of Gentrification, the report will inform readers:

  • How many privately owned Single Room Occupancy (SRO) hotel rooms are left that rent for the welfare shelter allowance of $375 per month;
  • How gentrification is contributing to homelessness in the DTES;
  • How many rooms are renting for over $600;
  • How many vacancies are in privately owned SRO hotels that rent for the welfare shelter allowance.

The report also suggests some reasons that homelessness has not been reduced in the last few years and makes action recommendations.