Write a letter to stop Birmingham & Wood condos in Chinatown

Oh geez, here we go, the first condo project to come forward as a result of the city’s decision to increase the height in Chinatown.  This one with zero social housing, what a surprise.  The city approved a new “outright” height increase for Chinatown so no developers can build up to 9 stories here without a public hearing.  All condo projects in the DTES are contentious and deserve a hearing or should be stopped until the social housing needs of the low-income community are met.  Please write a letter to the city protesting this development.  The city needs to recognize that this proposal is contentious or it will be automatically approved by the Director of Planning:

219 East Georgia Street

DP application No:  DEDE414728

Birmingham and Wood Architects (http://www.bwarc.ca/contacts.html)

9 storeys

28 units

City wants comments before September 1, 2011.

Send comments to:

mandy.so@vancouver.ca, brent.toderian@vancouver.ca, mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca

jburton@bwarc.ca (architect)

Phone city for more info:  Mandy 604-871-6080 or Tony 604-873-7783

Points you could make:

  • more condos will cause gentrification, pushing up rents in neighbouring SROs and pushing low income residents out;
  • more condos encourage upscale business where low income residents are excluded by price and security guards;
  • it is inappropriate to allow more condos in the neighbourhood before a local area plan and social impact study have been   completed;
  • this development won’t improve anything for the low income community