Letter against Sequel 138 condos


Paul Taylor, Carnegie Newsletter editor wrote this letter to the Sun in response to the Sequel 138 condos planned for the 100 block.  Many are up in arms over this.

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Editor:    Skin deep and people say, “Look: they’re building social housing in the downtown eastside.”    It reads as though it’s a done deal; could go ahead as soon as November; a dead zone for a new crowd of artistic pioneers and staff at not-for-profits to begin again from the ground up… and the most idiotic plan of the developer is to sell 18 condos to a local non-profit.

The block is home to over 400 individuals who have to live in 100 sq ft rooms, share a bathroom with 60 others and exist on less than $600 a month.

It houses the Carnegie Community Centre and Insite, North America’s only supervised injection facility.

The lowest price of $227,000 is impossible for 95% of current residents, and will only lead to another zone of exclusion in the neighbourhood and increased homelessness as neighbouring buildings raise rents.

The poor-bashing denies the humanity and worth of current residents and proposes the automatic fix of bringing wealthier people to show these scum how good people live.

Balanced reporting is integral to journalism. This kind of classist bias isn’t worthy of a garbage can.

Pantages has to be 100% social housing and local residents need safe, affordable, decent housing before any more wealthy people even think about moving here.

PaulR  Taylor

Editor Carnegie Newsletter