Write a letter against Sequel 138 condos at Pantages

So far 40 groups have signed a community resolution calling for 100% social housing and no condos at 138 E. Hastings.  See the list of the groups on page 1 of this newsletter.  These are the groups that are organizing the campaign for 100% social housing:  Aboriginal Front Door, Carnegie Community Action Project, DTES Neighbourhood Council, DTES Power of Women Group, Gallery Gachet, Streams of Justice, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users.

Worthington Properties has proposed to build 79 condos and 18 social housing units at the site.  They want the bottom floor to be an art space run by a group that includes David Duprey who is involved with the Rickshaw.

The Director of Planning may try to ok the project as soon as August or September.  But planners have told the Carnegie Action Project that if the project is “contentious,” it may go to the appointed Development Permit Board instead.  This would take a bit longer and the Development Permit Board hears members of the public.

So far the actions taken to preserve the site for 100% social housing include painting the building with the community’s vision for the site, shutting down the demolition of the buildings on the site because it was being done unsafely, forming a coalition to organize the campaign, getting groups to endorse the community resolution to stop the condos and build 100% social housing, and getting petitions signed by neighbourhood residents (so far about 1200 signatures have been collected).

The coalition also organized a news conference with about 40 supporters at the office of Studio One architects, the architect for the condo project.

Right now the coalition is urging everyone concerned to email

alice.kwan@vancouver.ca, brent.toderian@vancouver.ca, scott.barker@vancouver.ca and mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca .

Writing the letter is simple and only takes a few minutes!
– State your firm opposition to the developer’s proposal for 79 condos at
138 E. Hastings.
– State the low income community in the DTES is against this project and
condo development
– List some of the reasons for opposition, for example:                   

  • People in the DTES need social housing and can’t afford condos;
  • Condos cause gentrification which pushes up rents in hotels and brings in businesses that exclude low income residents with high prices and security guards
  • Condos in the 100 block of E. Hastings are especially bad because nearly 400 SRO residents live in that block and could be pushed out if gentrification pushes up their rents;
  • Building more social housing as well as defending and preserving our DTES community are more important – and more life saving – than letting developers make millions in the DTES.

For more information, check out this website:


More actions are planned for August and September. ~js