Photos –> Cancel the sequel! Cancel condos on the 100 block of the DTES

Here are a few photos from the action at the Pantages architect office.

5,000 people in hotels in the DTES needed social housing before condos, adding by 2013 condos will outpace 11:1 all social housing at rates affordable for DTES residents on welfare and old age pensions.

DTES groups ask the architect Tomas Wolf of Studio One to withdraw from the project until all DTES low-income residents have proper housing and were incensed by what they call “poor-bashing ads” on the firm’s website that have since been removed. The adverts claimed the project would bring an element of “accountability” to the area.

DTES residents were offended by this picture and the caption that suggested condos bring more accountability to the area. Studio One owner Tomas Wolf acknowledged maybe it wasn’t the “right choice of words…..It was more about the building than the people,” Wolf said. “It just shows ordinary folks walking by. But who knows what is going to be reality in five to 10 years? I’ve lived here 30 years and never expected the changes in Yaletown.”

Read full analysis of the architect’s advertising for this gentrification project here: