Letter to city from CCAP re: condos on 100 block

Hello Alice Kwan, Scott Barker and Brent Toderian of the city planning department. This is to let you know that the Carnegie Community Action Project wants you to reject the developer’s proposal for 79 condos at 138 E. Hastings. The whole low income community (the majority in the DTES) is totally against this project. We fear that more condos will be like a bomb exploding in the 100 block of E. Hastings, pushing up rents in surrounding SROs and changing the neighbourhood into upscale business that harasses and excludes low income people. In addition, more condos in the neighbourhood will mean that condos are outpacing social housing development in the DTES for the period after 2013, contrary to the DTES Housing Plan. Putting more condos in the DTES is also contrary to the “without displacement” part of the city’s policy of “revitalization without displacement.” It is extremely inappropriate for the city to go ahead with more condo units in the DTES before the social impact study and local area plan have finished. We are part of a group that has written to Council asking them to make this decision because it is too important to be based merely on zoning laws and rules. Please let us know what you think of these comments. Jean Swanson, Coordinator, CCAP