Resolution against the Historic Area Heights Review

This statement was put together by the list of groups below. If your group can sign on, please let us know. Deadline is January 20th preferably but later is fine too.

January 13, 2011

Dear Mayor and Council members,

As individuals, resident groups and agencies concerned about:
– Hotel room rent increases (only 12% of privately owned rooms now rent for the welfare shelter allowance or less) not tracked by the city and rent increases for businesses serving low income residents;
– Hotel closures and “renovictions;”
– The displacement of low-income residents from the Downtown Eastside, contrary to city policy;
– Increased homelessness measured in the last city survey;
– More harassment of low-income residents by security guards and police;
– The erosion of unique and authentic community assets such as a strong sense of community, feeling accepted and at home, empathy with people who have health and addiction issues, connection to our cultural heritage, a strong commitment to volunteering, cheap or free necessities that are close by, needed health and social services,

We call on City Council to
– Buy 10 sites for low income resident-controlled social housing within the Downtown Eastside before the next municipal election; and
– Vote against adding any new density for condos within the Downtown Eastside until the assets and tenure of low-income residents are secured and until the Social Impact Study and DTES Strategy are complete.

We also call on city staff and Council to recognize that many groups and individuals in the DTES community, not just the Carnegie Community Action Project, oppose the recommendations of the Historic Area Height Review report.


Access Association of Chinese Canadians for Equality and Solidarity Society
Carnegie Community Action Project
Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council
Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Power of Women
Gallery Gachet
REED (Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity)
Streams of Justice
Vancouver Action
Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users
Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction