Introducing a new face at CCAP

My name is Ivan Drury and I’m the new researcher and organizer at the Carnegie Community Action Project. I’m proud and excited to have the opportunity to job share with Wendy Pedersen to continue the anti-gentrification research and advocacy organizing work of CCAP.

I have lived in the Downtown Eastside on-and-off for since moving to Vancouver from Langley in 1997 and I have old family roots in Strathcona’s red Russian community. I currently live in market rental housing on Pender Street. My most recent jobs have been construction in the city and mining exploration in the Yukon bush. My most relevant experience is as an activist and social justice organizer.

I have been an activist in Vancouver for nearly 15 years. My first experiences as a community activist were in the DTES with the movement for housing at the Woodward’s site in the late-1990s. After four years of activism outside of the neighbourhood on mostly international anti-war issues I came back to the DTES last year to help form the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council (DNC). I am currently an elected Board member of the DNC.

Outside of activism, I am a graduate student at SFU in history where I am writing about sex work in the context of working-class women’s history in Vancouver.

I look forward to the days of struggle ahead, to working arm in arm with so many members of the community who I admire and love.