November is gentrification month!

November will be gentrification month in the Downtown Eastside.

Gentrification is the process where richer people take over a neighbourhood from poorer people. It’s happened in hundreds of cities across the world and it’s happening in the DTES right now.

In early November, CCAP will distribute 5000 copies of a newsletter called “Word of Mouth” on gentrification to every hotel room and other places throughout our neighbourhood. This newsletter, will explain what gentrification is all about and invite residents to a town hall forum at Carnegie on November 19.

Here are some of the things we want to do in gentrification month. If you can volunteer, talk to Wendy in the CCAP office on the second floor of Carnegie.

· Go door to door in the hotels to distribute the broadsheet;

· Set up a tent on Hastings street to talk to people about gentrification and get signatures on a petition for the city to buy five lots a year for social housing;

· A gentrification tour for city staff and councilors;

· Other actions still to be determined.

But, whatever you do, don’t forget the town hall meeting at Carnegie in the Theatre on Nov. 19th, 11 to 1 pm.