Society for Poor, Marginalized, Homeless Chickens (SPMHC) clucked for housing at City Hall

Cluck. A representative of the Society for Poor, Marginalized, Homeless Chickens crowed loudly at City Council this month. SPMHC reps Robert Bonner and Ayisha Faruk asked Council to expand the five freedoms for chickens to include poor, marginalized and homeless humans also.

A report to Council said that chickens should have five freedoms, including freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition, freedom from discomfort, and freedom to express normal behavior. The report also called on Council to spend $20,000 on a shelter for homeless chickens.

Feathers were ruffled when reps were put off by Council until 11 pm to speak, but they eventually had their chance. They expressed solidarity with homeless humans and suggested that more shelters and homes be built for humans quickly.

Chickens got their coops. The homeless got, well, to keep a few mats on the floors for now. Cluck.

Thanks to Lenore Herb for chicken photos and Scott for going to city hall in support of Robert and Ayisha.