CCAP presents vision to city staff

For the last 2 years CCAP has been visioning, mapping and planning with low income DTES residents to figure out what they want for their community.  It is almost complete.  Watch for it on our blog next month.  Meanwhile Jean and Wendy from CCAP, Gena from the Carnegie Association, Hugh from VANDU and Stacey from the DTES Neighbourhood House presented a power point on our vision and the actions necessary to improve the DTES from a residents’ perspective to a team of city staff who work on DTES issues. The meeting went quite well.  We got some pointers and hopefully helped them understand more fully that the DTES is a real community with many important assets.  See our power point here.  We’re hoping our newly formed Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council will, with its strong basis of unity and unique elected representation and structure, will work to implement this vision.