What do you think about this vision for the DTES?

CCAP organized 3 planning days with 25-40 DTES residents in the last 4 months. It was attended by residents who live in social housing, hotels, outside and in shelters. We wanted to come up with a draft vision for the neighbourhood as a starting point and take it out to some open community meetings to see if the community supports it. What do you think about the vision? We’ll have a community meeting about it soon.

Our vision is to:

Honour the Coast Salish people on whose unceded traditional territory the DTES resides.
Celebrate our strong community of urban Aboriginal and low-income people of many ancestries, abilities, cultures, health conditions, genders, ages and sexual orientations.
Put people first and welcome all who advocate for affordable low-income housing and appreciate our community values.
Ensure low-income people have affordable homes
and access to resources to meet our needs.
Unite in fair processes and act in peaceful and necessary ways, to expand our abilities, overcome adversity and protect our community.

Here are our values according to the residents at the planning days. They put these into order of importance.

Working for justice and the community
Respect for each other and nature
DTES sovereignty
Acceptance/non judgmental
Creating places of sanctuary

And here are their priorities for housing also in order of importance:

Housing for homeless
Communal housing
Intergenerational housing
(for couples, children, people with disabilities and elders)
Replacement housing for people in hotels
Supportive housing
Independent living housing

If you agree or disagree, we want to hear from you. CCAP will make opportunities for you to speak in public about this soon.

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