DTES Safer Thanks VANDU

Earlier this year, CCAP, BC Civil Liberties and Power of Women pressured the city to withdraw tickets given to low-income DTES residents for jaywalking, vending and other minor offences. These tickets were given out in a blitz and residents could end up in jail just in time for the 2010 games if they failed to pay and failed to appear in court. We didn’t get anywhere. But it was Vancouver Area Network of Drugs Users VANDU that pushed city council and got results in August when they interrupted a council meeting with their message that the tickets are unfair. Council responded by sending City Managers Penny Ballem and David McLellan to big meeting at VANDU. They told VANDU that they will look at tickets with the city’s prosecutor, throw some out and resolve others with community service. They also asked if VANDU would work on a DTES pedestrian safety project with the city. Vending tickets fall under Provincial jurisdiction and we need to fight this still.