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Olympic spending more important than homeless shelters or health and safety for sex workers in 2010 Olympic city

June 20, 2009, Vancouver, BC, Canada:  Funding for homeless shelters in Vancouver, Canada is running out on June 30th and shelter staff have been given their termination notices.  Funding for a van that supplies clean needles, condoms, and information on violent customers for sex workers has been ended.  But the City of Vancouver just spent $1.3 million extra to operate its Olympic Village office, $15 million extra to restore a heritage building in the Olympic Village, and a total of $21.9 million to ensure that “time sensitive” projects for the coming 2010 Olympics are finished in time.

Meanwhile, VANOC, the Vancouver Olympic organizing corporation, is planning to spend an extra $8.3 million to make the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies fancier.

“Our governments’ priorities are completely backwards,” said Wendy Pedersen of the Carnegie Community Action Project in Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhood.  We need money now to save lives of homeless people and sex workers.  But our governments think the 2010 Olympic Games are more important than the lives of people living on the street.


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Poverty Olympics Bulletins are brought to you by the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP), a project of the 5000 member Carnegie Community Centre Association in the heart of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  To read previous bulletins please go to CCAP’s blog.  For information about the real Olympics, the Poverty Olympics, check out www.povertyolympics.ca.

Canadian media coverage

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Vancouver Courier
June 19, 2009

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The Georgia Straight
June 12, 2009

‘Blank cheque’: Vancouver’s Olympic village gets another $21.9 million from city hall
The Vancouver Sun
June 18, 2009

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