Tuesday Morning Paragraph – Does social housing “enable” bad behavior?


Carnegie Community Action Project

Tuesday, June 22, 2009

Dear Mayor & Council,

Does social housing “enable” bad behavior?

Here’s what some people in CCAP’s mapping sessions said about the social housing they live in:

“Housing like the Jim Green Residence makes us feel good about ourselves, not bathrooms that are plugged or with blood all over the wall or … [bathrooms where] you have to put [sandals] on to keep away from the germs.”

“I like [the Jim Green Residence]. I have been living in hospitals like St. Paul’s most of my life. This feels like home. It’s safe. People are nice and friendly here. I have help from a lot of people which I didn’t have before.”

“Four Sisters: It’s my home. It’s where I feel free and I feel safe. The DTES is the place where I’ve drank most of my life and lived in rooming houses….Here it’s like I have a real family. What do they say? Mom and apple pie. It’s my family and my home.”

“Four Sisters or Lore Krill: You can take pride living there. Lore Krill has a water fountain. The roof top garden is beautiful. It’s a sanctuary home. Four Sisters has lots of kids. I like the wine and cheese, the barbeques there, the green space in the middle. Getting a nice home changes your way of thinking.”

Here’s what two mappers said about living in SROs:

“I could have a whole other life if I could just be in affordable housing. Living in an SRO limits my capability of being a grandmother.”

“None of the places I’ve been in are adequate that you can invite your family….”

In short, social housing “enables” people to be secure, helps provide a community, and gives people a base from which to seek their full potential.

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