Club W: Social Mix or Social Exclusion

The city and others claim that the new Woodward’s complex is a great example of “social mix” because it has condos (over 500 units) and social housing (about 200 units but only about 150 for low income people).

Check out this blurb on the Woodward’s website. It’s a description of the common space for the condo owners on the top of the building. See if you think the new Woodward’s will be about social mix or social exclusion:


“Club W”

“Your parents’ rumpus room never looked like this. Remarkably, the penthouse level Club W is all yours. Owners will have full access to an amazing array of rooftop views and amenities including a glass-flanked gym, stacked media room and glamorous lounge. Live large in the soaring double-height space. Read. Flirt. Meditate. Invite your friends to a movie or barbeque. Dine outside on the deck. Get steamy or wet. There’s even a giant hot tub (yes-in the shape of a W).”

“Plus, Club W is rumoured to have the sexiest restrooms on the continent.”

And hey, not to worry that nearly 900 SRO residents in Gastown don’t even have their own washroom and about 700 Downtown Eastsiders don’t have a home. You’ll need binoculars to see these folks from your elegant perch.~JS

club w

We can’t show you pictures of Club W because we can’t copy them from the website, but if you can get on a computer you can see what it looks like for yourself by clicking on the amenities at: