Tuesday Morning Paragraph – Sharing


Carnegie Community Action Project

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Mayor & Council

Why should we preserve the Downtown as a low-income community?

Sharing: Many DTES residents are very community-minded. Low-income people know how to share, which is the basis of community development. When you have less, you exchange more. In the DTES there is a highly developed sense of friendship, neighbourliness and community based on our practice of sharing resources. Some of our social hubs like Gallery Gachet, the DTES Women’s Centre and housing projects run as collectives. We have street parties and festivals together. We bring food to our meetings, drum together, get each other’s groceries, and share the same back yard (Oppenheimer and CRAB Parks), and living rooms (like Carnegie Centre, the DTES Neighbourhood House) and much more. There is a lot of compassion here. With sharing in the DTES nothing is expected in return except a smile. A lot of smiling happens in the DTES.

(This Tuesday morning paragraph brought to you by the Carnegie Community Action Project to help you understand why the DTES should continue to be a low-income community and not be overwhelmed with condos).