City Council gets a titch tougher on hotels

City Council has told its staff to take one of the worst slum hotels in the Downtown Eastside to court to try to get an injunction to improve maintenance standards.  They haven’t revealed which hotel it will be.  The decision came at a Council meeting on March 26.

Council also asked staff to report back to them in 90 days on two other possible ways of improving conditions in hotels:  assessing the idea of mandatory 3rd party management; and an amendment to the Single Room Occupancy Bylaw to define room closures as conversions.  This last change was suggested by Pivot lawyer Laura Track as a way of keeping hotel owners from closing rooms rather than fixing them up.

CCAP’s Wendy Pedersen told council at the meeting that they needed to get a plan to replace all 5000 SRO’s with good, self contained new units in the area for SRO residents.