Upscale bistro says they’re “a little ashamed”


Last month, Dave D, Jean, Hendrik, Rolf, William, Dave and I delivered a letter from CCAP volunteers to the owners of an upscale bistro on Alexander that had poor-bashing restaurant reviews on their website about DTES residents. In the letter we said “we know you didn’t write these articles, but linking them to your website implies that you condone what they say”.

The Maître d’ who is in the middle of this photo,  didn’t appreciate the delivery of the letter or the message. But, one of the owners, Carl, later called Wendy and said that “when we looked at [the material on the website] through your eyes, we totally agreed. We are a little ashamed we didn’t catch it. We overlooked it.” A day later the offending articles were taken off the website.

Carl, the owner, said they support food programs at WISH, Covenant House, Canuck Place, the Food Bank, donated winter coats during the cold spell and donate to Projections, the non-profit charity of choice for the William Vince Foundation at 319 Main Street (across from the Police station). He also said he would much rather spend time here than in his other restaurant on Granville. The Alexander bistro is has no graffiti etc.

Carl also said they wanted to be part of the community. When I asked him if he would sign on to our campaign to create a future low-income friendly neighbourhood and endorse more social housing in the area, he said yes. He also said he was insulted that we didn’t come and talk to him first and asked that we do that instead of writing in the future. ~wp