Press Release for Poverty Olympics 2009

Hello reporters.  Want to have some fun?  With a little message snuck in?   You’re invited to come to the Second Annual Poverty Olympics on Feb. 8th in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

At the Poverty Olympics Downtown Eastside residents and friends will use their creativity and sense of humour to show that the coming Olympic Games are not a good way to spend public money when there is so much poverty and homelessness in BC.

“End Poverty.  It’s not a Game” is the theme of the Second Annual Poverty Olympics to begin with a Torch Parade starting at 12:30 at VANDU, 380 E. Hastings.  At 1 pm Opening Ceremonies will begin at the Japanese Language School, 487 Alexander St.

Opening ceremonies will include lighting the End Poverty Torch and introducing Itchy the Bedbug, Creepy the Cockroach and Chewy the Rat, the three Poverty Olympics mascots.  A special appearance by a developer has been arranged.

The Poverty Games will include Skating around Poverty, Sweeping Poverty Aside (curling), the Housing Hurdles, and Wrestling for the Community.

The grand finale of the Poverty Olympics will include a song and dance by the Roaches and Roachettes.  Then people who attend will be invited to dine on Cockroach and Bedbug cake and get their pictures taken with the Poverty Olympic mascots.

Contact: Jean Swanson at 604 729-2380

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