New Council May Be Tougher on Enforcing Maintenance Standards

At one of its first meetings in December, the new Vancouver City Council passed a motion calling for a full report on all the orders issued under the Standards of Maintenance By-law in the Downtown Eastside in 2007 and 2008, describing the orders, the response to the orders by the owners of the affected buildings, and identifying which orders have resulted in compliance and which remain outstanding and instances which have resulted in partial or total building closure.

The report is supposed to be ready at the end of January.

Council also asked its staff to report back on the specific steps the City would have to undertake, and the additional resources that would be required to immediately exercise

its powers under the Standards of Maintenance By-law to use its own staff and resources to repair a building in violation of the Standards of Maintenance Bylaw to bring it into compliance with the By-law.

Downtown Eastside groups like the Carnegie Community Action Project, DERA and Pivot have been asking the city to use this bylaw to do maintenance and repair work in hotels when landlords refuse to do it. ~JS