Get ready for the 2nd Annual Poverty Olympics!


Mark your calendar for Sunday, Feb. 8th at 1 pm, the Japanese Language School at 487 Alexander St. This will be THE place to hang out with the Poverty Olympic Mascots, Creepy the Cockroach, Itchy the Bedbug, and Chewy the Rat.  The event will include fun, food, song and Downtown Eastside satire with a message.

People think of Canada as a rich and beautiful country. But we want the world to know that our neighborhood has the same HIV rate as Botswana. Our province has the highest child poverty rate in Canada (21%), and thousands of homeless people have to search through garbage for food and things to sell.

We also want them to know that all of this poverty and homelessness is completely unnecessary. Our province had a surplus of $2.9 billion last year, and the federal government had a surplus of $9.6 billion.

This year we’re thinking of events like Skating around Poverty and Curling with homelessness (where the “rock” of homelessness is swept under a big rug labeled “Olympics”).  It will be hard to top last years Broad-jump over a Bedbug Infested Mattress.

If you want to get involved in helping to organize the event, call Jean (729-2380) at CCAP.  For more information on last year’s Poverty Olympics, check out