Homeless make do by sleeping out on a Cabinet Minister’s Doorstep

Carnegie Community Action Project News Conference

Homeless people are making do by sleeping out on a Cabinet Minister’s doorstep, but they want real housing so they can go to work.

“I want to move on from here and go to school. Indian Affairs will help me with that. But I need a place. You don’t have a life when you live in a shelter. I need to cook when I need a meal and I need a shower when I need a shower. I can’t find a place to live. I’m not getting anywhere here,” says Kaleb Zentner, a homeless squatter at the site.

Albert John Ouimette, one of the homeless squatters who has been sleeping out for months, says, “If the janitors want to wash the floor we leave because we want to make it easy for them. We keep the place tidy. We don’t cause problems here because we need to stay. The workers know who we are. They know we got respect. But I need my own space, my own key, if I’m going to work everyday.”

Come to a news conference to find out where the squatters are and what they need.