The Soul of Vancouver book launch


With: Jean Swanson (CCAP), Kim Kerr (DERA), Bud Osborn, Sandy Cameron, Diane Wood, Stephen Lytton, X, Sharon Kravitz, Tui Hill, Ayisha Faruk, Mary Duffy, Leith Harris, Melissa Eror, Colleen Carroll, Rolf Auer, Phoenix Winter, Rudolf Penner, Kelly Stewart, Montana Hunter, Dan Thompson, Barbara Timperley, Tony Snakeskin & Holly Boyd (VANDU), Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre Power of Women, DTES Neighbourhood House Storytellers

Carnegie Theatre 401 Main at Hastings
FREE Come early, capacity is limited!

Can poetry save the world? Join the idealists of the DTES, poets and community activists for an exciting night of spoken word and music, resisting gentrification and displacement.

The Soul of Vancouver honours the history of our community, as developers move east, gobbling up the homes of thousands of low-income residents. We are tired of being labeled “Four Blocks of Hell”, we choose to live here. We’re wary of people saying they want to clean up the neighbourhood, because we know what they mean is sweeping us out of sight, and we’re not garbage. We don’t need “Revitalization”, we’re pretty vital as we are. Listen to us, we’ll tell you what we need.

Heart of the City Festival