58 West Hastings development hearing June 23, 2008

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your encouragement and interest in opposing the upcoming Hearing for 58 West Hastings Street Concord Pacific luxury condos.

Concord Pacific style development is the wave of the future for the Downtown Eastside:

  • new luxury condos surge ahead of new social housing at a rate of 3:1
  • drive up land prices and fuel speculation
  • use up land for social or affordable housing
  • resulting hotel rent increases and closures = more homeless
  • developers taking advantage of zoning that works for them
  • no overall official vision or plan for the DTES
  • no land use mechanisms in place to bring developers to the table
  • no tools in place to build a healthy low income neighbourhood

Maybe I’m not supposed to tell you this, but we expect to lose at the hearing. However, the momentum of loss will lead us to the next steps that we hope will lead to an eventual win. The first step is to take up space at the development permit board hearing. We need our citywide friends to support us and show the City and the developers that we all care. OK, maybe there’s a chance that we’ll win – the hearing could get deferred to a council meeting later that week. Let’s hope for the best.

Please sign up with lorna.harvey@vancouver.ca to speak on Monday, June 23 at 3:30 p.m. (see hearing notice attached). It may go on for quite some time like a vigil, so bring your knitting! It’s possible that you can speak at the end of the speakers list presumably after dinner, without signing up. You do not have to be a Vancouver resident to speak at this hearing.

Prep Meeting (totally optional as its fine to come and just speak from your heart).

Wednesday, June 18 – 7:00-8:30 p.m.
Four Sisters Housing Co-op
133 Powell Street
Common Room

Directions: The building is between Columbia and Main on the north side. There is some meter parking outside that is usually free. Very close to Main and Hastings bus stops or bus stops on Cordova and Powell. Holler in hello. The door to the common room will be open just inside the entrance.

Preparation materials are posted or will be posted on CCAP’s blog by Tuesday afternoon. We’ll post our Coles notes version of the DTES Housing Plan which has lots of easy to use technical ammunition to use at the hearing. We’ll bring materials to the prep meeting plus an idea for what to expect at the meeting in terms of process.

Tidbits from the 2005 DTES Housing Plan to use as ammunition. Will post more of this soon on our blog….

The DTES HP mentions all these things that are not happening:

  • 17 times that new development must be affordable and
    affordable rental
  • at least 7 times that the rate of change should be monitored
  • at least 4 times that the community should be involved in monitoring the rate of change
  • another 7 times that mechanisms need to be developed to control the rate of change
  • the city will report on development activity every month

Till soon,
Wendy Pedersen