DTES Welcome Wagon to Visit Concord Pacific, Friday June 13

“There’s still time for you to be a good neighbour, Terry.”

This is the message that Downtown Eastside residents and their supporters will bring to the CEO of Concord Pacific at his office today. In the last few weeks, members of the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP), tried to get an appointment with Terry Hui, but didn’t succeed. They want the owner to reconsider his application for 1/2 million dollar condos at 58 West Hastings and instead turn over the property for social housing. The group wants the site named after Darrel Mikasko, the homeless man who couldn’t get into a shelter and died in a fire trying to stay warm.

“Concord made billions off the Expo lands and can afford to give a little back, especially in our neighbourhood where people are going to be pushed out because of new condo development,” said Robert Bonner of CCAP.

Joe Le Blanc, a resident of Vet’s Manor said Concord is “putting their condos between the Portland Social Housing Project and the Grand Union Hotel, between despair and hope. We need more hope and that means more social housing.”

“It would be nice for developers to give back to the community they are making so much money off of us”, said Pheonix Winter, another CCAP member from the community, who is referring to Concord’s condos on Powell Street now under construction.

The welcome wagon troupe will bring in some special gifts in a basket to Terry Hui that they hope will inspire him to consider donating his land to Downtown Eastside residents in need. Among the gifts, will be a Hope in the Shadows book, 200 letters calling for social housing on the site, tickets to the premier of the film “The Way Home” about homelessness and a sample of critters that plague the Downtown Eastside.

Time: Friday, June 13 at 1:00 p.m.
Place: 1095 West Pender Street – meet outside front doors.